Last day of Norvasc.
Went to Mass.
Took a nap.
Watched Miami beat New York.
Worked on my Timeline.
Went to a nice 6:30p meeting in Harvard, met Karen, Maureen, Ed, and Angela.
Had roast beef dinner.
Listened to Bulls lose in Indianapolis.
Watched “Jimmy and Judy”.


Bad big book meeting in Woodstock.
Got left behind at Walmart again, this time with Sam driving.
Watched “Cabin in the Woods”.
Watched Bulls vs. Nets.

Lee and Wayne arrived at the Farm today.
Scheduled sleep study for CPAP.
Good meeting in Antioch – met Elmer.
Saw a very large red tail hawk, a giant bee hive, and some horses.
Went to Walmart – forgot to get the sleeping mouthpiece.
Nice taco dinner made by Ryan.
Very good meeting in Harvard, saw Smitty, Roy, Jenny, and the two Bills; my 2 months and Jenny’s 6 months.